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October 14, 2009

Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block is a terrible thing. It’s been a month since I posted and while there are many wonderful moments, none of them have inspired an entire blog post. So here’s some random thoughts.

Ronan fell in the playground yesterday. He has a fat lip and a bruise and a scrape on his cheek. That’s terrible enough, but what’s worse is I forgot about it. When I pulled his shirt off last night, I hurt his bruise all over again. Not a good day for poor Ronan.

Terry’s parents got Ronan clown shoes. More like secret clown shoes, because they look like regular shoes but squeak when he walks. He loves them! I’m glad they are too big for him now. I wonder if we will ever get him to take them off.

Suddenly, Ronan is much more verbose. Terry is better at understanding him than I am. We feel bad for him because sometimes he is quite frustrated not being able to express himself the way he wants.

Ronan is trying hard to use a spoon. He is quite adept, but sometimes he will revert to eating with his hands. When we say “use a spoon” he will pick up the food with his hand, place it on the spoon, and eat it off the spoon. Technically, this fulfills our instructions.

This summer I discovered that my parents do not read this blog. I don’t know why.

Every night, at bath time, Ronan is undressed and then herded towards the bathroom. This involves him running naked through the apartment, trying to get out the front door, and then hiding behind his crib. Then we repeat the process all over again, running from the front door to the crib to the front door to the crib until Terry gets bored and blocks his way so he has to run into the bathroom. He giggles the whole time.

I found a part-time PhD program in History. I really want to apply but I have to take language courses first and I don’t know how to pay for it. And I have to commute to the Bronx after work. Other than that, it’s perfect.

There are 1,603 comments on my blog, of which seven are actual comments. The rest are spam.

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