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Day Care Cost = College Tuition

That’s only one of many changes we’re experiencing this fall. I’m going back to work, so we have to find day care for Ronan.

So, we’re moving. Why? Because day care in Park Slope costs $20,000 a year, that’s why. And our rent is too high for one salary. (Terry may not be at work for very long.) Had I known that I would be paying college tuition a scant fifteen months after his birth, I would have been a stockbroker. Or a Mafioso. Or something that makes a lot of money but has no soul. Stupid selfish me, I had to have a job where I helped people. Helping people never makes money. Okay, the one time I had a job working for an investment firm’s mergers and acquisitions, I cried myself to sleep every night because all I could think about were all the people who were losing their jobs through the PowerPoint presentations I was making. So instead I started teaching. And I love teaching. Except that teaching pays enough money for one person in New York City to live in a studio apartment, not for enough space a family of three. But I’m ten times happier as teacher than as a stockbroker. Maybe I’ll try killing people for a living, I dunno.

Anyway, we’ve been looking at day care. Day care is exceptional in Park Slope, very high quality. At private school prices, it damn well better be. There’s only one so far that I wouldn’t want to send my kid to. It will remain nameless but the children were crying and three of them wanted my attention  (“I want my Mom!”) and one had snot that appeared to be in such quantity that I wasn’t sure if it was coming out of his nose or his ears. I had to ask the staff to wipe his face twice in the space of fifteen minutes. The bathroom smelled of pee. Of course, that was the affordable one in Park Slope.

But the other ones are clean, well cared for and well run. It’s bad that we can’t afford any of them. It’s also a relief to know that the past fifteen months haven’t gone waste; in addition of the incredible bonding experience Ronan and I have had, Terry and I probably saved money in the long run. Being a Stay-at-Home Dad was the right thing to do.

We are hopeful that the affordable day care in Bath Beach will have a spot. We’ll know soon.


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