When we went to our OB/GYN's office for the first time, we got a free copy of lots of expectant parents magazines. We didn't sign up.

Then, they called us and we declined the offer of a paid subscription.

So, of course, we've received a bill for parenting magazines. So, to explain to everyone why we don't want to subscribe, I've set up this slideshow just to keep things different. (Apparently my long posts turn some people off.)

My problem with these magazines? Obscenely beautiful pregnant women who face the difficult challenges of pregnancy, which is this fictional world means smiling, looking terrific, and exposing their bellies while performing everyday tasks in white rooms. However, the copy text tells you exactly what's going to really happen to you and your baby in the real world, in all its gross natural goodness. The juxtaposition is quite disturbing.

And there are very few Dads! Or lesbian partners. It's a lonely place.